Working Mom

From the information contained in this article, it is nice to see that working moms have benefited their children; especially their daughters.   Working moms provide daughters with good examples of balancing many different environments, both inside and outside the home.

It is necessary to have personal family decisions validated as being correct in order for families to choose what is right or best for them?  As a daughter of a career minded parent,  my parents always choose for my mom to work.  Even when with my dad’s career taking him from our house weekly, my mom choose to work outside our home and held a stable career as a nurse for more than 40 years.

It my family, we relied on external day care – fortunately it was reliable and able to sustain our family’s goals.

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  1. I felt the same thing, that for once it was good to see an article provide clear information that promoted how important it is to have a working mother. My wife and I had been hearing a lot about how much money you can save by staying home and taking care of your kids, but I then found one that broke down the numbers and disproved that.

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