Women Not Being Heard

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Is it bad I when I read these articles I keep thinking, “wow, there is an article about this?! I have experienced/ witnessed this”? It feel bad because I do not want keep blogging about how this has been witnessed as much as I would like to find a solution which contributes to fixing or solving this gap. I also wonder if my male classmates have experienced these similar situations.

How do we work to have women’s voices heard, especially when they are saying exactly what a man’s voice is saying? ¬†How do we join forces while empowering each other, regardless or gender or race?


Seems this is a reoccurring event.

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  1. Cheryl, I appreciate your challenge with not having a clear outline on how to approach these issues, and the right solution. I read these articles and can point to men I have worked with, and some that I still do, as having portrayed these attributes, and have seen women downplayed in the workplace.

    I feel that once employers are given real incentives for promoting a better playing field for all employees, and leadership begins to really buy into these changes will we see anything change. It has to become part of the clear corporate culture we operate in, and for some it has to correlate to their bottom line at work!

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