Reflections – Leaning In, Real Life

I have had an interesting few weeks at work, which ended up sending me to Newport, RI. Today was an exhausting, tedious but necessary day of distributing a +300 line IT budget to multiple categories, it was complex but definitely a “first world problem” as I explained and documented how we planned to spend $50M (Yes, Million!) dollars for IT, specifically Research and Development IT efforts. A real issue, right?
I do not think so, but it has had my attention for more time than I want to reflect and admit — professionally and fortunately I was able to defend this budget – and we have our funding…. How does this relate to Social Justice? Well, it does not – really – we do not have a bias, except to our system requirements and mission- to help build and maintain the Navy Surface Warfare Capabilities.  
Through these last few trying weeks, I have been able to reflect on how our reading assignments have empowered me.  I have been enabled by what I have learned to speak up, relay necessary messages, and defend those who are struggling to explain their own purposes.   I have gotten more comfortable with my presentations (Thanks, Kim!) and able to manage a challenging audience – albeit I know my material well.
Lean In was a good book for me.  I agree and empathize with Sandberg, women do need to speak up and be more present.  It is amazing what men get away with and women must justify.  After a heated budget review last week, which I presented half of the controversial budget requirements, the gentleman who presented with me was thanked for a great presentation.  I was a bit heated, but held my cool, jumping in when I good to remind the thankful person of my hard work in gathering, documenting and extracting the details of this presentation  which enabled my male co-presenter to appear so well read on the material….   to which the next day a senior male leader sent me a nice letter on my efforts.   Smiling and Speaking up, it is what strong women do!
**Fight for Feminism!**

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  1. This honestly brought a smile to my face. It has been one thing to read all these pieces and wonder what changes can be made, what role I need to play, and how to enact what I think it most important, but to hear/read how it has helped you and made a difference was a game changer. Those differences in men and women in the professional realm aren’t always apparent to me (working on leaning in more) so this was a great reminder!

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