Poverty, maybe knowledge

Freewriting from thoughts in my head-

As a single teenage parent, I can relate to going without and because of my own poor 19 year old decisions, I can relate to being temporarily homeless, or without a permanent home.  I can not relate to these situations with factors I could not control, because my circumstances were because of my own actions – give your parents enough shit and they change the locks… Tough Love worked.

However, as we read through the material I can see, from Mercy Me, and from later events in my life (what was I thinking!?) where things are sometimes outside of ones control… I joke in class about my stepson being 18 soon; but in trying to change the world inside my own home, I have sadly come to realize how much children are at the mercy of good parents in order to be successful and to get off on the right foot.

While my own young foolishness was temporary, I have worried a lot lately about the ideas and believes my stepson has in his head about his own future –  he’s going to college you know, on a scholarship for baseball…. Except he does not play baseball; and he has applied to any colleges.

He has been told this and without a clear understanding of how things work – like, dude, you need to be on a baseball team for someone to know how you play… he is so sadly misguided but clinging on to the old shake-security he knows.

My necessary focus on myself, working on my MBA and career certifications have led me to put less and less energy into trying to steer him on to a realistic path – until I can help him walk this path along side him.  It is challenging to know someone is so horribly mislead.

How is this related to poverty?  Sometime people live in poverty, making bad decisions because it is all they have been taught.   Sometimes this is because of things in their control and sometimes it is not.  My stepson has taught me that somethings which seem in our control, sometimes are not — it is based on perception.  I have struggled with this – as a very fortunate female, who made some foolish decisions, I was so privileged to have great parents who let me learn from my mistakes but did not create hurdles for me.

Poverty is a significant hurdle; it is unimaginable how some are forces to live.  Poverty is not just about money, but you can be poor in knowledge to – right?

Stretching an idea, thanks  for letting me vent and share.


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  1. Cherly, thank you for sharing such a personal story. Wow, you are such a strong person to not only be able to share this story but to have come through what you have and to be here to share it with us knowing what we know now, so thank you. But I know that wasn’t the point of your sharing.
    I would agree that sometimes poverty is because of knowledge but not I don’t necessarily think it is the lack of knowledge, I think it is the miss use of it. So maybe better put poverty is some times because of information.
    I say this because as you know my brother is homeless right now but he thinks he knows it all and I have given him so much information that would tell him otherwise and would help him get him on his feet but he refuses to process that information into knowledge. He refuses to go to the homeless shelter because of curfews yet he can’t save money because he is paying for a hotel room every few nights and medical bills now because he got into a fight a few weeks ago.
    Your son knows that he has to play baseball in order to get a scholarship whether it is from the television shows he has watched or from merely being told by you he knows it. Yet has he done anything about it? He has the information he just refuses to process it and make it into something useful. Who knows he could even be good at baseball and get a scholarship but if he never processes the information then he will never know.
    So I say this yes I do believe poverty can sometimes be because of information and bad decisions but I do not think you should lump yourself your son into that category. And I have to say I struggle with the idea of not being taught something, if you have a problem, ask a question, especially in this town, you can walk into any church downtown and ask any question and if they can’t answer it they will help you find the answer. So yes information is key.

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