Overcoming Bias

This was a good book to learn to accept my own biases.  Dr. Gower again strategically lead us through different authors so we gained the most impact.  I liked how this book encouraged me to learn about myself and to then try to fix my own habits as I learned to be more accepting of others actions, behaviors and decisions. The book helped me understand that having some biases are not as bad as acting as if I do not have any.

I love learning about people and why they make the decisions they do, even if I do not agree with their decision I LOVE hearing their critical thinking process!  If someone has put any consideration into an action or a decision, I want to learn about it because I want to learn about different ways people derive decisions.    This is a bias for me because I assume everyone things about the pros and cons of their actions and decisions.  I am disappointed when the answer to questions is so over simplified there is nothing to share.  I become bias in this manner because I tend to get frustrated and make statements like – how do you not think about your actions/ decision/ behavior.

My logic works very well with my own children, who understand I expect to hear their reasons for their actions/ behavior, even when the behaviors are bad.    Actually,  this is even more than the case because I want to know how they arrived as a poor decision.  My logic works very poorly on my stepchildren who have not been taught to think critically and told what to do each step of their life.  I have a hard time forgiving others were not raised like I was; and from this book I see things in a different manner.

(I still think it is best to know why you are doing something, either when you do it or on self reflection – but I am learning to accept more spontaneity.


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  1. Cheryl, I agree with you Dr. Gower does a fantastic job of leading us to some books that provide a lot impact, at least in my life. I too really enjoyed this book. It was funny just tonight my husband made a comment about having to overcome a bias and I offered him the book on how to do it, he didn’t find it very funny.

    Anyway, I have to agree with you knowing how and why a person came to the decision they did is so important to me. We are trying to raise our son to think about why he is ended up in the situation he is in, like why is he in time out, what did he do, and what does he have to do different to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I also really do not like it when people can’t explain why they did something, articulate!!!!!

    This book for me really helped me to realize I need to widen both my in and out groups. I am so burnt out being around people that I don’t want to put in the effort to get to know anyone, so if I don’t know you from my church or my family or work then the reality is I probably am not going to know you. And frankly not even many of those from church or work are in my “groups” because I just don’t have the energy to invest in others other than my family. But I have to do better about this not only for me but for my family, especially y son.

    Great book.

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