Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg has written a book about her own vulnerabilities.  This is a good book and if you understand the courage it takes to expose your own vulnerabilities, or to relinquish your power to improve others you can easily find deep respect for Sheryl.   Next book will be about being vulnerable by Brene Brown!

Sheryl was very good as sharing the insecurities on many females’s minds – do men experience this insecurity, too?  I appreciate the manner in which Sheryl explains that our behaviors are tied back to gender behaviors from many years ago.  I can understand this and relate to it.  I can also  relate  to having to work harder, or explain myself more than my male coworkers.  I often feel more challenged by my male supervisor than I see him challenging other men.  I am fortunate in that I am mentored by him, so using this two way street for sharing information I hope to bring it up.   He is a good boss, he appreciates and gives good constructive feedback.

Lean In was also instrumental in helping me understand I am not alone in having my life plans completely mapped out.  I seem to put my career together in 5 year runs.   – What do I want to do for the next five years?  I like the idea of not having to know how to do a job completely before applying for the opportunity.  I think a lot of women should consider this, and interview for the lesson and new growth opportunity.   Expanding your career to an area where you are not an expert provides you with an open mind and fresh perspective, which in some cases are what some positions really lack.


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