Hello world!

This is my first blog.  Who can see this? If you search me will you find me, how much do I want people to search and FIND ME…once again we are loading up for another Gower Pedagogy. (Gower is normally a proper noun, as in  Dr. Gower – I am using it as an adjective, intentionally, you have to take one of her classes to understand this logic.)

This is an exciting pre-day for me.  I am on the eve of flying to Detroit for my daugther’s law school graduation.  Graduation is Friday.  It’s an exciting time.  Such an accomplishment.  I am very proud of her.

Our dogs are in big trouble here at home.  We came home to one of those ‘dog situations’ where if it wasn’t your house it would have been hilarious, yesterday.  While we were at work, the dogs had a party and broke into a cabinet of Keurig cups, protein powers and BCAA powder.  They are all fine, except a little regurgitation of plastic.  But we had K-cups, and the grounds inside, greeting us from our front door to the back.   We should have take a picture, but we were too rushed to clean up.   Bad Dogs!


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