Feminist Fight Club

This was a funny book from a Woman’s perspective, but reading some parts I wondered how the white males in our class felt.  The book is a great woman’s bashing club book, but it is hard book to read and discuss openly with men due to the constant degrading it does to men to allow women to raise their selves up.

The different definitions in the book were funny, some were hilarious – as I read the book to myself.   The book was well titled.

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  1. I did not feel that the book was degrading men, but more so a guidebook for women on how to effective and appropriately respond to intimidating male behaviors in the workplace. The book focused on the behaviors of men, but as a black woman I have seen and experienced many of the same behaviors from white women.

  2. In response to your white male question Cheryl, I found the book to be funny at times and at others a tough read. I do think reading “Overcoming Bias” first helped a lot. When discussing these topics it is easy for me to feel guilty, or ashamed, but in “Bias” the parts about letting go of guilt was important to having real conversations. I am in my first job where men are the majority of the workforce, but previously the experiences from the book was not something I was overly familiar with as I worked in an office where I was one of three guys.

    But I could not agree more, the title of the book was most fitting for it!

  3. How do we talk about bias, without being generically biased in return? It seems like everyone is against something, and the approach to change is to generically accuse a group. I don’t think gender is any different, and I don’t know that there is a different way. Men are to blame for not treating women equally, there is no other group to blame. At some point as a man I realized I would be blamed by my gender. I can only do my best to not be representative of those treating others unfairly. As a white male, I think we just have to learn we are to blame for most all of the world’s injustices. When it comes to social justice, we are inherently the out-group.

    The Feminist Fight Club book was easy to read for me, but probably because the thoughts and situations presented seemed very common knowledge to me. For that reason I wasn’t bothered by the information. I am bothered by the behavior when I see it, but that has been the case for me for years. I will say I tend to see many of the behaviors in business as ways of gaining and keeping power as much as bias. I think they are more conscious and intentional.

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