Equality vs. Equity

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There is so much I can same about Equity, to the Guardian ad Litem who failed to help my stepson, lacked the ability to see how he needed a second box.  Her quick judgement to sight his as less than needy of her attention, hurt him and sent a horrible course in motion.  From this situation I learned about proximity and learning, not perceiving a situation to be what you think it is.  The whole idea of not judging a book by it’s cover is significant if we are to ensure  we treat others fairly, while giving them the same foundation as we would want for all.

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  1. I love this picture because it is so true. The majority of our society believes that if we have equality then everything will be great. As this picture and your comments point out, it all begins with equity. Equality promotes equity but only works if everyone starts at the same place and needs the same assistance. People are different, so it is very hard for our society to really ensure equity and equality in all spheres, because there is no one size fits all and America is not keen on socialism.

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