Overcoming Bias

This was a good book to learn to accept my own biases.  Dr. Gower again strategically lead us through different authors so we gained the most impact.  I liked how this book encouraged me to learn about myself and to then try to fix my own habits as I learned to be more accepting of others actions, behaviors and decisions. The book helped me understand that having some biases are not as bad as acting as if I do not have any.

I love learning about people and why they make the decisions they do, even if I do not agree with their decision I LOVE hearing their critical thinking process!  If someone has put any consideration into an action or a decision, I want to learn about it because I want to learn about different ways people derive decisions.    This is a bias for me because I assume everyone things about the pros and cons of their actions and decisions.  I am disappointed when the answer to questions is so over simplified there is nothing to share.  I become bias in this manner because I tend to get frustrated and make statements like – how do you not think about your actions/ decision/ behavior.

My logic works very well with my own children, who understand I expect to hear their reasons for their actions/ behavior, even when the behaviors are bad.    Actually,  this is even more than the case because I want to know how they arrived as a poor decision.  My logic works very poorly on my stepchildren who have not been taught to think critically and told what to do each step of their life.  I have a hard time forgiving others were not raised like I was; and from this book I see things in a different manner.

(I still think it is best to know why you are doing something, either when you do it or on self reflection – but I am learning to accept more spontaneity.


Bias against Female Instructors

Student Evaluations of Teaching should not be weighted as a heavy indicator of teaching performance.  Many of these evaluations are given prior to a class ending or given in conjunction with a final exam – I know from my own participation and frustration with the timing of teaching surveys, they are limited and presented at in opportune times.    A teachers effectiveness is not fairly represented on this simple form!

The professor who pushed the evaluation form is sure to get more responses; the responses may not be favorable.  If administration wants a fair evaluation of an instructor, they should visit the classroom and watch the interaction and engagement a teacher holds with their class!

The Essential Martin Luther King, Jr Leadership Lesson All Good Leaders Should Master

The MLK article states there are 4 attributes of empathy.   They are:

  • see the world as others see it
  • be non-judgmental about another’s feelings or situation
  • understand another’s current feelings
  • communicate the understanding of the other person

Why do people seem to rise to a level of leadership and forget where they came from or their purpose for becoming a leader?  Do other strive to become leaders to help others or for personal status and compensation?

Martin Luther King Jr, became a leader to represent others and help overcome challenges and adversity.  He worked to communicate with others, listening and representing.     He was a very empathetic leader.  We need more to model his behavior, today.

Establishing the Framework

The first three sections outline the class and some great concepts for being a better person.  I love the concept and symbolism used in the Parable of Sabhu.  I also like the way the Sadhu is used to represent a person or situation of need and attention which puts the group and individuals into an ethical dilemma.  It can sometimes be hard to figure out if you should continue up the mountain or stop and handle the crisis around you. You can see many different reactions, which do resemble how you would expect a population of people to act.  I would like to think I would have compassion to help the sick or person in need; but I know sometimes I can be very driven.   This article uses great symbolism.

How you frame a message is more significant that the message itself in some cases.  Organizations react to the way a story is told more so than hearing the details of the story.  If a presentation is complex and hard to follow you will quickly lose the audience.  These are good lessons to learn in any field.

Why, How, What – What is your purpose.  I have seen this video before; I love the idea of knowing why we are doing something.  Letting others know what you stand for and why you are on your journey is important.   Talk from the inside of our brain where the decisions are.  Love the idea of using your limbic brain to explain to others why you believe as you do.   Do not work for the paycheck, work for the why.

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation – I am an early adopter and a thinker.  I love the new and looking at new ideas, even when the market isn’t ready for the mainstream.  I never owned TiVo, I  love Simone Sinek’s analysis of why leaders lead.  It is very true, tell people why you are doing something and it establishes a credibility with them!

I think I am under exposed to the world and to things outside my own privilege.  The knapsack appears to be true for most situations in my own life.  I know I am very fortunate, but after reading some of the articles in this class, and after finishing the book Just Mercy, I realize the world is just as mean and horrible as my parents had told me to be cautious of.




This is disgusting.  It is gross to think sex still lures people to sports programs!  What a horrible example of a program – for both the men and the women!  

If this story is fictitious may the complainant rot!  If this is untrue, what in the world would make someone go to such extremes… narcissistic.  


Here is a more current article, seems they do not want to believe the female and are discrediting her accusations.

Women Emojis

I never really noticed that there are a lack of professional women emojis.  Is this bad or does this mean I have other priorities for my time?  Should I be more sensitive to women being equal to men with all things… including emojis?


Maybe the above are new since this article was written?  Perhaps women are being heard!?

Tell Me There’s No Rape Culture


I suppose there is some truth here, I have been fortune not to be in this situation as an adult.  I would like to think men have gotten better than this and know it is not appropriate.

I  certainly try to raise my son to respect others, all, men and women.

I suppose if one person feels this way there are others too.  I know I am cautious at night, in strange places, and do not go looking for promiscuous situations – perhaps this is age.

It is important all people feel safe.  My vulnerabilities are not related to rape.  I am thankful I have not witnessed this.

Overcoming Bias

Good Book, easy read.  I made a lot of notes.   Here goes my internal thoughts.  It is amazing how the books resemble what we are taught in the bible – be nice to others, do not judge.  Be open, consider others feelings.  Amazing, right?  Not really rocket science.  Makes me wonder why it is so complex for others to get along.  It this education?  Am I bias if I think this is education and a willingness to be open to others ideas?  It is okay to have this bias?

Do you love those people who always think they are right?  My husband may say that about me, LOL.  …I do not think I need to be right, I do feel I need to be heard, especially in my own house.  It is also nice when you are heard in your professional world.

Do you think people over simplify things or make them overly complex?  I think we over simplify things not wanting to see our differences – I have observed people are afraid of what they do not understand.

Our change the world group project should perhaps look at our privileges.  We are a privileged group.  I bet we have some common privileges we could use to share with others and change the world.   Perhaps we can find a time to discuss this; we were quick to site an organization – I do not know if I think we should should quickly identify and organization as much as defining our purpose and then finding a way to implement it.

Good Book.  We all have bias, tonight I think everyone should be in bed by 11 to get the most rest.   I know I am right about this.


Hello world!

This is my first blog.  Who can see this? If you search me will you find me, how much do I want people to search and FIND ME…once again we are loading up for another Gower Pedagogy. (Gower is normally a proper noun, as in  Dr. Gower – I am using it as an adjective, intentionally, you have to take one of her classes to understand this logic.)

This is an exciting pre-day for me.  I am on the eve of flying to Detroit for my daugther’s law school graduation.  Graduation is Friday.  It’s an exciting time.  Such an accomplishment.  I am very proud of her.

Our dogs are in big trouble here at home.  We came home to one of those ‘dog situations’ where if it wasn’t your house it would have been hilarious, yesterday.  While we were at work, the dogs had a party and broke into a cabinet of Keurig cups, protein powers and BCAA powder.  They are all fine, except a little regurgitation of plastic.  But we had K-cups, and the grounds inside, greeting us from our front door to the back.   We should have take a picture, but we were too rushed to clean up.   Bad Dogs!