Working Mom

From the information contained in this article, it is nice to see that working moms have benefited their children; especially their daughters.   Working moms provide daughters with good examples of balancing many different environments, both inside and outside the home.

It is necessary to have personal family decisions validated as being correct in order for families to choose what is right or best for them?  As a daughter of a career minded parent,  my parents always choose for my mom to work.  Even when with my dad’s career taking him from our house weekly, my mom choose to work outside our home and held a stable career as a nurse for more than 40 years.

It my family, we relied on external day care – fortunately it was reliable and able to sustain our family’s goals.


Perhaps all questions for men in power should be asked with limitations, in 10 words or less; please tell me your reasons for… then perhaps they would know the impact cutting off women speaking or not hearing women has on equality.

Do men-splain why they treat women differently with such long-winded explainations; or do they just avoid the question.

Isn’t it ironic that women are dubbed for talking a lot but men have earned their own phrase for an inability to answer questions directly and succinctly.


Outgoing President and Feminism

Isn’t this article about more than feminism?     5 Good Points – I like this one the best.

“We have to change our hearts and minds” – Yes, yes, yes — isn’t this what the bible has been telling us about humans and each other? When do we figure out that we are all here for such a short time and changing our self to be more accepting of others is key to a more peaceful survival.

I like this article, I love that President Obama had a strong and outspoken wife who he supported and now he is raising strong daughters.     He is a good supportive parent.

Women Who Do Not Belong

This article is not gender specific and I think both genders can feel like they do not belong at some time or another.  The internet, and TED talks, have certainly given way to many opportunities which we can share how we are feeling and find camaraderie when others echo those same feelings.

I can also relate to this article, not feeling like you belong – especially in the fast paced world of today, how do you keep up with everything and every interest so you feel prepared when you do show up?

We need more empathy for others; understanding and willingness to be less judgmental… is that asking too much?    Knowing we are humans with shortcomings and accepting we all have good days and bad — seems to lend itself to more sincerity and patience.

We all belong; we all have a place.

Women Not Being Heard

The article assigned was:

Is it bad I when I read these articles I keep thinking, “wow, there is an article about this?! I have experienced/ witnessed this”? It feel bad because I do not want keep blogging about how this has been witnessed as much as I would like to find a solution which contributes to fixing or solving this gap. I also wonder if my male classmates have experienced these similar situations.

How do we work to have women’s voices heard, especially when they are saying exactly what a man’s voice is saying?  How do we join forces while empowering each other, regardless or gender or race?

Seems this is a reoccurring event.

Madam CEO, Get Me a Coffee

Why is it that women are expected to help with the house keeping in the work place; and men are so often excused as busy?  Women are busy, too.  We take on seriously challenging assignments; we try work hard to institute change.  Why is it when we do not attend the Christmas party, absent with our male counterparts we are accused of being anti-social; our demanding meeting schedule is not considered or a viable excuse.

I can so relate to this article.  There is a tricky balance in being too busy and too maternal. (Yes, maternal, because the antonym is neglectful.

(It was also impossible to find a meme of a woman telling people to get their own coffee!)

Women in Business

” …we were 100 years away from gender equality in the C-suite.”  This is horrible news.  It is also equally as sad that women who are working to advance their self are labeled: “intimidating,” “too aggressive,” or “bossy”;  when compared to their male counterparts.

Personally, I have experienced this also.  There is such a different connotation for women than there are for men.  More so, sometimes (in my world) it seems the women who have made it to leadership are overly accommodating or lack a fundamental understanding in the areas they represent, they are good ‘people managers’.  Who are not necessarily equipped to make real change or communicate the challenges of those  they represent, then just women in leadership positions holding to the status quo.

This type of behavior does not help close the gap for women.  Embracing equality and closing the gender gap means we have to work to accept women who are pushing forward and listen to why they are being out spoken and the interests they are representing.