Perhaps all questions for men in power should be asked with limitations, in 10 words or less; please tell me your reasons for… then perhaps they would know the impact cutting off women speaking or not hearing women has on equality.

Do men-splain why they treat women differently with such long-winded explainations; or do they just avoid the question.

Isn’t it ironic that women are dubbed for talking a lot but men have earned their own phrase for an inability to answer questions directly and succinctly.


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  1. Have to comment on the topic. This is one of the ones that eats at me, because I so frequently get asked to explain further, “Need more”. I see mansplaining as real, but much more of a subset of people than a characteristic or tendency of men. There are women who splain as well, but it’s a limited group of men who like to hear themselves talk and need to feel like the expert. I attribute this primarily to insecurity rather than gender. And, maybe more importantly to me, men mansplain to other men equally to women in my world.

    Good comment Cheryl on how to deal with it- in 10 worlds or less, or asking yes/no questions when appropriate and open ended questions when I want more splaining. That’s how I combat it.

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