This is disgusting.  It is gross to think sex still lures people to sports programs!  What a horrible example of a program – for both the men and the women!  

If this story is fictitious may the complainant rot!  If this is untrue, what in the world would make someone go to such extremes… narcissistic.

Here is a more current article, seems they do not want to believe the female and are discrediting her accusations.

2 Replies to “Baylor”

  1. It becomes unreal to read the comment section of these articles. I am sure since the start of time people have blamed a victim, or tried to disprove a victim. It is odd to see how people react when we give them the forum to openly share their regular thoughts, and how honest they are behind a keyboard. People have lost their jobs due to this entire debacle and situation that Baylor created, but as they keep digging, it keeps getting worse!

  2. It’s so unfortunate but this is a reality on many college campuses. Rape culture is real. The way alcohol plays into college life has a huge piece to blame. It is a constant uphill battle as a college administrator to fight these feelings and actions amongst college aged students.

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